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About the Sports-Orthopaedic Service


The Sports-Orthopaedic Service is a platform which connects various centres in the Western Cape with the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and the Division of Exercise Science and Sports Medicine to provide the best possible medical care for athletic injuries. Our focus is to improve a time consuming referral system and fast-track acute soft tissue injuries in patients who will benefit from early non-surgical treatment as well as surgical care.  This service is aimed at the greater public with emphasis on access for less privileged patients with sports injuries. 







Regional Hospitals

Dr North & Dr Naude (Paarl Hosptial)

Dr Mears & Dr Loew (New Somerset Hosptial)

Dr Rowe (Victoria Hospital)


Groote Schuur Hospital

The Sports-Orthopaedic Service has access to our subspecialists with a special interest in sports injuries of the shoulder and elbow, the knee, the foot and ankle, and the hand and wrist. The Specialists in charge at Groote Schuur Hospital for this service are:

Dr M Held (Department of Orthopaedic Surgery)
Dr J Swart (Division of Exercise Science and Sports Medicine)